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Cellphone use up in 2018 in California

With April being Distracted Driving Awareness month and the first week of the month being California Teen Safe Driving week, the Office of Traffic Safety and Impact Teen Drivers are busy reminding drivers about the dangers of taking one's eyes off the road when driving. Officials have noted that cellphones work against the campaign to stop distracted driving and hope that education and awareness can help curb the problem.

Get compensated for injuries caused by someone else

While physical scars resulting from personal injuries caused by someone else's negligence can eventually fade away, emotional harm and financial damage can take longer to disappear. In fact, overwhelming medical bills can hamper the road to recovery, as accident victims are reminded of the wrong they suffered by someone else's negligence and the financial devastation it has caused. While the criminal justice system is one way justice is served in these instances, another way is through reparations in a civil lawsuit.

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