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Cellphone use up in 2018 in California

With April being Distracted Driving Awareness month and the first week of the month being California Teen Safe Driving week, the Office of Traffic Safety and Impact Teen Drivers are busy reminding drivers about the dangers of taking one's eyes off the road when driving. Officials have noted that cellphones work against the campaign to stop distracted driving and hope that education and awareness can help curb the problem.

An OTS observational study noted that the number of drivers seen using the cellphone while driving in 2018 rose by 27 percent from 2017. This could be the cause for the more than 109,000 hands-free violation citations handed out by law enforcement officials. In 2017 alone, more than 6,500 people died in car accidents involving distracted driving in California.

Distracted driving laws have been in force in the state since 2008 and 2017 saw the implementation of the hands-free cellphone law as well. Under this law, drivers are not allowed to hold a wireless telephone or a device of electronic communications while driving.

The law is not enough to curb dangerous behaviors at times, demonstrated by the fact that eight high school buses could be filled with only the number of teens that were lost in preventable car crashes in the state. The loss their families, or the families of any accident victims suffer, is a real one and cannot be replaced. Injured car accident victims themselves have to undergo multiple medical treatments to get their life back on track and this can result in overwhelming medical bills. It might be possible to receive compensation for them through a civil lawsuit and an experienced attorney can discuss one's options with them.

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