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Make your claim and get the settlement or compensation you need

When you're hurt, one of the most devastating things about it is the cost. Medical bills quickly add up, and if you don't stay on top of them, you could find yourself in collections. Sadly, many people who end up in this position fall behind and can have their finances threatened.

Proving product liability elements for four decades

When manufacturers put a product on the market, it is their responsibility to ensure it is safe to use and is an effective product. As mentioned in last week's post, when a defective product injures a California resident, he or she has the ability to hold them accountable through a product liability lawsuit.

What are the elements of a product liability case?

When California residents buy a product, they expect it to work properly and perform the function it has been created and advertised to do. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Products can be defective sometimes, and a defective product has the ability to severely injure a consumer. In fact, such products injure thousands of people across the country every year.

Do stressed out surgeons make more mistakes?

Whether a California resident is stressed because of their job or because of their home life, it is unlikely that he or she can leave their anxiety at the door before entering the office. In fact, many people in high-pressure jobs or facing deadlines probably experience more stress at work. Stress can cause people to make mistakes, and if the stressed out individual is a surgeon making a medical mistake, it might result in the loss of lives.

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