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Do stressed out surgeons make more mistakes?

Whether a California resident is stressed because of their job or because of their home life, it is unlikely that he or she can leave their anxiety at the door before entering the office. In fact, many people in high-pressure jobs or facing deadlines probably experience more stress at work. Stress can cause people to make mistakes, and if the stressed out individual is a surgeon making a medical mistake, it might result in the loss of lives.

Studies have shown that surgeons experiencing stress are 66% more likely to make surgical errors on patients. Most of the 250,000 to 440,000 annual deaths attributed to medical errors take place in operating rooms. Therefore, it is likely that adopting practices that reduce the stress surgeons feel would also result in reducing the number of medical error related fatalities.

There are a number of distractions in the operating room. Alarms on machines go off periodically, side conversations are happening, equipment doesn't function the way its supposed to and people are constantly coming in and out of the operating room. As a result, a surgeon's attention is continuously being taken off the procedure they are performing. In addition to this, physician burnout is becoming more and more common and without training to develop stress management skills, there is not likely to be any change.

A surgical mistake can cost a California resident his or her life or well-being for a long period of time. It might also subject the victim to medical treatment they did not previously need. These costs, including emotional ones, can be recovered through a medical malpractice suit holding negligent parties accountable.

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