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Proving product liability elements for four decades

When manufacturers put a product on the market, it is their responsibility to ensure it is safe to use and is an effective product. As mentioned in last week's post, when a defective product injures a California resident, he or she has the ability to hold them accountable through a product liability lawsuit.

The evidentiary requirement for a product liability lawsuit differs from that of other personal injury lawsuits. Even though the burden of proof on the plaintiff is not as heavy as it is in other situations, a number of elements must be proven in order to hold the manufacturer or the seller liable in a court of law. Whether one is dealing with injuries caused by vehicle defects, faulty machinery, dangerous drugs or improper safety warnings on toys, it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable professional by one's side.

For more than four years, lawyers at our firm have been standing up for consumer's rights and getting them compensation and justice they deserve. We investigate every claim and assess the extent of the damage done to the victim, including the short-term and long-term damage done to him or her. We understand what is at stake for our clients and work diligently for their cause.

For more on how we do this, visit our page. It is not easy going against big companies who seem as if they have endless resources by their side. However, we take pride in sending messages of dissatisfaction to corporations and holding them accountable for their negligence.

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