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Drunk driver causes chain car crash, kills one

While driving is one of the most dangerous behavior people engage in on a daily basis without giving it a second thought, one of the reasons people are still on the road is because they follow traffic safety rules and assume others will too. When basic traffic laws, such as obeying the posted speed limit, are disregarded, a catastrophic car accident can result. One such incident highlighted the dangers not only of driving too fast but also for driving while under the influence.

A 25-year-old man in California was arrested and charged with committing several crimes after causing a drunk driving accident that resulted in one death. The crash took place during the morning rush hour when the suspected drunk driver was allegedly driving at more than 100 mph on the freeway. His vehicle slammed into the back of a car driven by a 44-year-old woman. The brake lights of her car were on when she was crashed into. She died at the scene of the crash, leaving behind a husband and a teenager.

However, that's not the end of the incident. The chain-reaction accident involved other cars, with one of them swerving off the freeway and hitting a parking garage wall. The drivers of three other automobiles also suffered injuries. According to police officers, the suspected drunk driver had struck another vehicle and was fleeing the scene of the previous accident before causing this one.

Getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol is a decision many may take lightly, but it has the potential to ruin the lives of many people on the street at the time. It might be possible to hold negligent drivers responsible for their reckless behavior by filing a civil lawsuit against them. Experienced attorneys are available to guide accident victims and their family members through the process.

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