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How does sleep apnea affect truck drivers?

The tractor-trailers California residents see whizzing past them on highways weigh an astounding 30,000 pounds when empty and a maximum of 80,000 when loaded fully. Therefore, a truck accident with a car often yields devastating results for the automobile, its driver and occupants. Certain factors, in addition to size, associated with trucks make them more susceptible to be involved in crashes. This is why truck drivers need to be even more vigilant and careful on the road and sleep apnea prevents that from happening.

Common forms of truck driver negligence

California motorists often share the roadways with commercial trucks that are responsible for transporting goods cross-country. Commercial trucks are inherently dangerous, as they weigh significantly more than passenger vehicles and are much harder for drivers to operate. Despite these inherent risks, many truck drivers decide to take even greater risks by acting negligently behind the wheel. Truck driver negligence can significantly increase the likelihood of a serious accident.

Big rig accidents can be bad news for California motorists

"Big rig" trucks are on the highways of Northern California and San Joaquin County around the clock. They haul the products that California is known world-wide for producing, whether they be bottles from wine country or produce from the Central Valley, as well as products from other states and around the globe. As much good as the trucking industry does for the economy, these gargantuan vehicles also pose a risk to other motorists on the state's roads.

Fatal crash in Oakland, California, involved FedEx Truck

A deadly crash involving a FedEx truck and a sedan occurred on Highway 880 at 66th Avenue in Oakland on Dec. 21, 2017, blocking all southbound lanes of traffic for several hours. The FedEx truck was carrying two trailers. The deceased was the driver of the sedan. The accident is still under investigation and a cause is not yet known.

Trucking Accidents 101: Who may be at fault for my injuries?

If you drive anywhere these days, chances are you share the road with a semi-truck. Those 18-wheel, multi-ton giants can wreak more havoc and loss in one serious collision than 10 fender benders in an average size vehicle. So who may be at fault in those accidents, and how do you pursue compensation for your injuries and losses?

Two women injured in California commercial vehicle accident

The legal process provides protections to victims of large truck and commercial vehicle accidents. A driver and her passenger recently survived a truck accident in the southern California area. The passenger vehicle they were travelling in was side swiped by a large commercial truck as the truck's left front tire began to rapidly deflate while both vehicles were traveling on the freeway. The passenger vehicle was passing the commercial truck on the left when it swerved into the passenger vehicle, hit the concrete barrier and sent debris into the roadway.

After a truck accident, what questions may a lawyer have?

Truck accidents tend to be much more deadly and injurious than accidents involving passenger cars only. This is of course due to the much greater mass of trucks in comparison to passenger cars. A truck accident can be horrible thing, and many victims or their families in Stockton may choose to explore their legal options by paying a visit to the offices of a personal injury lawyer.

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