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Study shows distracted driving near schools

In recent years, safety advocates have noted an alarming trend of accidents caused by distracted driving. Much of the alarm has centered on people who are texting or otherwise looking at smart phones instead of at the road, but dangerous distracted driving takes many forms.

How can I prove that the driver who hit me was texting?

The state of California has adopted strict laws regarding texting and driving. While hands-free device use is allowed for drivers 18 years of age or older, texting while driving is strictly prohibited by drivers of any age. In other words, a driver may not perform any function that requires them to hold their phone while operating a motor vehicle.

Accident-related brain injuries can be catastrophic

Car accidents happen in and around Stockton each day and, fortunately, most of these crashes result in no injuries or only minor injuries. Not every car accident results in catastrophic harm thanks, in part, to the many safety features that modern vehicles utilize to keep drivers and passengers out of harm's way. However, significant injuries are still possible when vehicles collide on California streets and highways, and this post will focus on one of the most damaging injuries that a vehicle accident victim can experience: traumatic brain injury.

How dangerous is texting and driving?

In the last two decades the world of communication has drastically changed. Instead of having to stay home to wait for a phone call from a friend or post a letter through the mail, Stockton residents can receive calls, check their email, send text messages, and surf the internet all from devices that fit in the palms of their hands. Cell phones have made the world move faster since they all people to work and socialize while on the move; problems arise, however, when cell phones become distractions when individuals are driving their cars.

Grandmother killed in pedestrian accident while on walk

Grandparents and grandkids share a special bond that often cannot be replaced. All throughout California many grandparents step up and help their children take care of and raise their grandchildren so that their kids may work, earn a living, or simply have a little time to themselves without the challenges of caring for the kids. Recently a California grandmother was out walking with her young granddaughter and another young relative when an unthinkable incident occurred.

Why texting and driving is a serious threat to those on the road

Texting while you're behind the wheel is illegal and dangerous. Every time you look away from the roads, you're leaving yourself open to getting into an accident. When you look away, you may not see a vehicle stop ahead of you, cross the center lane or lose control of your vehicle after striking an object in the road.

Protect your rights and safety after a car accident

A car accident can cause stress and confusion in the life of a Stockton resident. Even if the victim does not suffer injuries from the car collision, they still must deal with the trauma of a near-disaster and the potential for significant damage to their property. This post will discuss in brief some of the steps a person can take after a motor vehicle accident in order to preserve their chances of pursuing compensation for their losses.

Ride-sharing companies and drunk driving: Know your rights

According to the ride-sharing platform Uber, just under 150,000 people offer their driving services to others within the borders of California. While in many instances individuals are able to safely find rides and arrive at their destinations using the Uber app and online service, some individuals have found reasons to question the safety of the people Uber has cleared to drive.

3 facts about holiday drunk driving accidents

With the holiday season upon us, partygoers are likely to consume alcoholic beverages when they attend Christmas parties and New Year's Eve festivities. Those revelers pose a risk to others on the roadways when they choose to drink and drive. The accidents these drunk drivers cause can result in catastrophic injuries.

The 5 text-stopping apps every driver should have on their phone

Did you know that whenever you hear that little ping, jingle or buzz indicating a text message, your brain releases a hit of dopamine? If not, now you know why it's so hard for people to avoid looking at their phones while they're driving. Dopamine makes us feel good. So whenever we think we have a text message, we feel compelled to look at our phones, despite the fact we know it's dangerous.

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