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May my child file a medical malpractice lawsuit?

Children have rights. In California and throughout the nation, children have the right to their basic needs, like education, medical care and to be safe in their own homes. Just as adults, children cannot be discriminated against based on their inclusion in protected classes and cannot have rights taken away from them without due process.

Medical, surgical errors are a threat to patient health

Doctors and nurses can provide ailing patients with the treatment they need to find relief from their medical problems and work toward healthy futures. Although it is normal for Californians to see their doctors for regular check-ups to make sure that they are physically sound, it is often very normal for individuals to seek the assistance of medical professionals when new and sometimes upsetting symptoms disrupt their well-being.

Your medical malpractice claim may be compensable

The power of medical science to heal the vast array of injuries and illnesses that befall Stockton residents is truly astounding. No longer do serious injuries mean that a person will be disabled for the rest of their life or that a person will perish from cancer simply because of such a diagnosis. Medical professionals can treat diseases and disorders effectively when they work within the standards of their professions and make patient care paramount in their daily practices.

How can medical professionals prevent post-surgical infections?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approximately one to three people out of every 100 who have surgery develop infections at the site where the surgical procedures took place. A Stockton resident may fear that they have a post-surgical infection if the site of their surgery is red and inflamed, producing discharge or if they have a fever. Post-surgical infections can introduce serious complications into the recovery period of a patient, but in some cases they may be preventable.

Proving liability in medical malpractice cases

Doctors spend years of their lives learning to provide medical care to individuals who suffer from health-related ailments. The rigorous course of study they complete and the assessments they must pass are designed to prepare California doctors to meet the needs of diverse patients and medical cases.

Mother brings medical malpractice claim in California

This blog recently discussed the serious nature of doctor errors and medical malpractice. The mother of a child who suffered a broken arm because of medical negligence recently brought a medical malpractice claim. The claim was brought in California asserting negligence. The lawsuit asserts that the medical center violated its duty of care and is seeking $325,000 in damages.

Doctors may be liable to patients for harmful medical mistakes

It happens thousands of times a day in California: A patient goes to the doctor, is treated in a competent manner and goes about their business. People expect physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals to be helpful or at least to do no harm. It so happens, unfortunately, that sometimes things don't go so well. The patient is left in a worsened condition due to the fault of the doctor. Does the patient or their family have any recourse?

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