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The Drivon Legacy

Drivon School of Law


Humphreys University

Drivon School of Law offers a professional program of education leading to a Juris Doctor degree for students with varying backgrounds and experiences and prepares students for the California Bar examination and the practice of law. The program is designed to instill in its students an understanding of law as well as analytical skills developed through a combination of scholastic and practical education.

Laurence Drivon Sr. established the legacy that Drivon Law Firm strives to embody, with the highest standard of integrity, trustworthiness, and zealous advocacy representing individuals who have been harmed or otherwise victimized by others with disproportionate resources and power.


The youngest of 13 children, Laurence Drivon Sr. came to Stockton to join the San Joaquin County District Attorney Office as a Deputy District Attorney in 1946, having graduated from Stanford University after winning a $100 scholarship.


He was a self-studied Attorney, having passed the California State Bar Exam in 1945 with no formal legal education, after years working as a peanut farmer by day and studying law by night.


He ultimately served as San Joaquin County’s District Attorney for 10 years before being appointed a Municipal Court Judge.


More than anything the Drivon Family Patriarch was a humble man of the people, a true civil servant who was a member of dozens of community organizations, serving for many years as one of the first Law Professors as well as Trustee and later President of Humphreys University, whose law school now bears his name in honor of this legacy.


Three of Laurence’s son’s, including Laurence (Jr.) and David, as well as James, daughter in law Robynn, as well as grandchildren Todd and Davey Turner, Zoey Merrill, and most recently Zach Drivon, attended Laurence Drivon School of Law, all going on to become Attorneys serving in the San Joaquin Valley Region. Laurence Drivon (Jr)., David Drivon and Son Zach Drivon now carry this legacy on behalf of the Drivon Family, and the clients we serve to fight for and protect.

Laurence Drivon Sr.

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