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While the pain of past trauma can be overwhelming, Drivon Law Firm is here to assist survivors of sexual abuse in their journey to find justice. We have decades of experience and an extensive track record of successful recovery for our clients, even years after an occurrence.

For over 20 years, we have fought to empower survivors, one case at a time. For those who may be suffering in silence from the pain of childhood sexual abuse, you can trust your privacy and anonymity will be protected. We provide safe and confidential representation for survivors of past sexual abuse.


Sexual Abuse

California Assembly Bill 218 has raised the statute of limitations for past sexual abuse claims, allowing victims to pursue recovery no matter how long ago the abuse occurred. This new law provides a one-year window for filing civil lawsuits on such claims, which MUST BE FILED BY JANUARY 2023.


Drivon Law Firm has represented survivors and handled cases involving abuse across a variety of settings. Whether a claim involves an individual offender or an institution that may be liable for damages due to policies that encouraged the concealment of abuse or abusers, we lead with experience, compassion, and commitment to survivors.

If you or a loved one have survived sexual abuse where the statute of limitations may have passed, you now have a second chance at justice. 

We have built our reputation as one of the State’s leading sexual abuse firms on integrity, zealous advocacy on behalf of our clients, and successful recovery against perpetrators from the following diocese: 

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