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Case Results

Ford Motor Co.

$295 million settlement

Marks the first time in history a car company has sued for a rollover accident.

Catholic Church

$30 million settlement against the church

with additional settlements representing over

450 clergy abuse survivors.

Stockton diocese

$7.5 million settlement

Oakland diocese

$1 million settlement

Michael N.

$1.75 million settlement 

October 2020 - Teenager was hit in a cross walk by a privately owned bus. Auto v pedestrian.

Juan D.

$225,000 settlement 

May 2019 - Auto rearended by a semiautomatic truck 

Christopher C.

$730,000 settlement 

May 2021 - Client was hit by a drunk driver 

Cindy L.

$310, 000 settlement

2017 - Auto v Auto

Maria H.

$100,000 settlement

2018 - Auto v Auto

Jim M.

$135,000 settlement

2018 - Auto v Auto

Jennete R.

$100,000 settlement

2017 - Auto v Auto

Sylvester G.

$75,000 settlement

2017 - Auto v Truck

Rosa L.

$350,000 settlement

2017 - Slip and fall. Lived in a condominium and slipped on black ice.  

Ellen S.

$116,000 settlement

2019 - Auto v Auto

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