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Laurence E. Drivon, Of Counsel

Larry Drivon has experienced a storied career of nearly 40 years practicing personal injury law, with historic victories on behalf of clients against institutional giants including Ford Motor Co., Enron and the Catholic Church. Known for his unwavering resilience, determination, and dedication to pursuing justice on behalf of his clients, Larry was born in San Francisco but moved to Stockton at the age of 5 when his father joined the San Joaquin County D.A. Office. Larry was born San Francisco, but moved to Stockton at the age of 5 when his father took a position with the San Joaquin County D.A. office.


Larry was eager to follow in his fathers footsteps. He served two years in the United States Armed Forces then begin his night classes at Humphrys College School of Law in Stockton, CA as many of his families members also attended.

Only 6 days after passing his bar exam Drivon took on his first personal injury case. Larry’s first job in the last 60’s was with a law firm in Lodi, CA. He later become partners with well-known San Francisco attorney Melvin Belli who he worked closely with for roughly four years until he branched off opening his own office in Stockton.

Larry is most accredited for his historic fight against the Roman Catholic Church and its priests for numerous cases of child molestation. Through the vigorous efforts of Drivon, hundreds of victims were able to come forth after years of staying quiet due to the temporary overturn on the statue of limitations law which was made possible because of Drivon’s efforts.

Larry Drivon is also well-know for his work in the Enron case during the 2001 energy crisis when the California Senate claimed energy trader corporation Enron to be found in contempt for destroying legislative subpoenaed financial documentation covering up acts of conspiracy.

Larry Drivon’s winning cases also include a $295 million verdict against Ford Motor Co.

Today Larry enjoys retirement with activities like Deep Sea Fishing, showing dogs or horses and enjoying time with his family. As many might know, he has a hard time with relaxing and still offers his legal counsel to the Drivon Law Firm.

David E. Drivon

With over 30 years of experience in Law, David Drivon has a vast amount of history making him a pioneer in his local community. Those around David would describe him as ( a “Driven Drivon” if you will). Though hard work is nothing new to this family, David has always taken it a step further to provide the best legal counsel for his clients and never failed the family name.

After receiving his law degree from the Humphreys College School of Law, dubbed as the “Drivon School of Law” after his brother Laurence Drivon, David was eager to begin his career.

Licensed as an Attorney since 1991, David Drivon first began his career as a San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney.

From 1991 to 1998, Mr. Drivon prosecuted criminal cases as a Deputy District Attorney for the Office of the San Joaquin County District Attorney. He later moved on to private practice representing personal injury victims with Laurence, or Larry Drivon.

As a team both Larry and David have represented thousands of injured clients, including hundreds of adult survivors of childhood clergy sexual abuse. This process involved a successful prior effort by Larry and others to lift California’s statute of limitations allowing individual survivors to pursue justice against the Catholic Church decades later as a class of plaintiffs. After years of evidentiary discovery, litigation, and zealous advocacy on behalf of clients, these efforts resulted in a historic settlement in favor of these victims with millions of dollars in damages awarded. Vindication of individual rights and justice for those injured at no fault of their own drives a true and professional ethic that compliments David’s vast experience.

Zach R. Drivon

With such rich history behind him and a bright future ahead, Zach was never really sure if he planned to pursue the family business. However, once Zach stepped into the shoes of his father and his father’s father, it is as if he was born to thrive in the world of Law. It is inherit in the Drivon bloodline to care for his community.

From an early age Zachery was much like his grandfather, with a hard working soul and a mindset to accomplish whatever is in front of you. From working at local grocery stores to washing cars, Zach was never careless with his days. While working along side his community members and neighbors, Zach decided it was time to help. He graduated with his B.S. in Political Science from Sonoma State University in 2008 and a year later enrolled at his family’s alma mater Humphreys College Laurence Drivon School of Law and graduated in 2013 and passed his bar the same year.

Since 2013 Zach has been prosecuting cases of personal injury and criminal law helping those who were injured due to negligence. In 2016 Zach officially opened his own consulting firm with a focus solely in cannabis law and licensing.

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