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Clergy Sexual Abuse in the Oakland Diocese

In 2003 we represented survivors of abuse perpetrated by Donald Eugene Broderson, securing a $11,000,000 settlement compensation for damages suffered by our clients.


Broderson’s sexual abuse of children began in the mid-1960s as he targeted, befriended, and infiltrated Catholic families, invariably abusing every sibling he could isolate within each family

Ordained in 1968, he was able to continue his abuse while serving as a priest until he was forced into retirement in 1991 when the Diocese of Oakland received several reports from childhood victims of Broderson’s sexual abuse. Despite these reports, the Diocese failed to notify parishioners or contact law enforcement. 

Broderson faced numerous claims until his death in 2010, and ultimately admitted to sexually abusing both boys and girls during his career.

To learn more about our fight against the Oakland Diocese follow the media links below. 

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse suffered at the hands of a priest or clergy member, you are not alone. Survivors are still entitled to assert their right to recovery, but the time to do so is limited. All claims made under CA Assembly Bill 218 must be filed before January 2023.


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